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Tip: Three ways to make the most out of any conference

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Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2023
By: Hailey Heimbach
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Tip: Three ways to make the most out of any conference


These are three good questions to ask yourself after any conference you attend:

1. Who were three most interesting people I met, and how will I reconnect with them? Can I add value to those new relationships by introducing them to someone in my network, connecting with them on LinkedIn, following them on social media, or sharing some useful information with them?

2. What are the three best practices, ideas, or inspiration I obtained from attending this conference?

3. Now that I am back at work, how will I share what I learned?with my team, with my manager, in a lunch and learn, as a LinkedIn post?

Why do this? People go to conferences or speaker events, but they often don’t ‘close the circle’ because once they are back to their desk they get busy.

It is also important to share what you learned with the decision maker who sent you to the conference. It’s the best way to ‘up’ your chances of going next year. They see the value in your attendance!

No. 1012, May 31, 2023
By Gayle Hallgren and Judy Thomson

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