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Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Interview

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Posted on Monday, June 5, 2023
By: Hailey Heimbach
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Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Interview
You've had a good interview. But now comes that moment you've been dreading. The interviewer asks if you have any questions. And you freeze.

You don't have to stress — because we're here to help you. We'll point out smart questions to ask (and some to avoid). And we'll help you focus your questions so they don't sound generic and make you sound smart to the interviewer. Keep reading to learn more.

Great Interview Questions When It's Your Turn
Keep these questions in your back pocket for that moment when the interviewer asks for them — and feel free to use them earlier in the interview as appropriate, to help turn your meeting into more of a conversation. Just remember not to ask a question that the interviewer has already answered!

How did this company handle the pivot to remote or hybrid work, and what are the plans for remote/hybrid work going forward? (If a hybrid work environment is important to you, this question will reveal a lot about the company and the level of control it imposes over employees.)

What onramp or preboarding activities can I expect? (This question reveals a fair amount about company culture and how well-prepared the company is to welcome new employees.) 

What expectations do you have for me in this position? (You can follow up this question by asking specifically about expectations in the first 90 days to assess whether expectations are realistic and whether you can meet them.)

Do you expect my responsibilities to change in the first year or two in the position? (This question indicates that you're here for the long term and gives you insight into the company's long-range planning.) 

How has the company changed over the last few years? (Now you can learn a little about company culture and how well the organization weathered the pandemic.) 

How is working here different than any other place you've worked? (Watch for hesitancy to answer on the interviewer's part — this question may reveal more than expected.) 

What does my team do to foster professional growth? (If you're ambitious, this question can reveal if there's a path upward here.)

Where have people in this position moved on to? (You want to know if there was bad blood with the person who previously held the job and if there have been a string of people moving rapidly through the position.) 

A Few Tips for Your Questions
Tie your questions in to the discussion you've already had with your interviewer. Build on specifics they mentioned in the interview so they know you were paying attention. This makes your questions feel as if they're just a continuation of the discussion you were already having.

Another great tip here is to phrase the questions as if you've already been offered and have accepted the job. Don't ask, "What's the most significant challenge associated with this job?" Instead, ask "What's the most significant challenge I'll face in this position?" The questions we've listed for you above already follow this tip, making them extra easy to employ in the room.

Questions You Should Avoid
Your first interview isn't the time or place to ask questions about salary or benefits. Also hold off on questions about time off, including vacation, parental leave and the like, as they can make it seem as if you're not interested in the actual job. Those questions can wait until you've been offered the job.

Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions. You can use this moment to test whether this is the right job for and to prove that you're the right fit for the position. Good luck with your job search!

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