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Numbers and Networking

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Posted on Thursday, March 3, 2022
By: Hailey Heimbach
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Numbers and Networking



The Power of 7

The minimum number of cards to carry at all times is seven. Most functions have tables set for eight, therefore, you'll have a card for everyone at your table. But bring more. Remember, you can never have too many cards, only to few.


Good Networking Math: 1 + 1 = 4

When sitting at a table of eight or ten put two people between you and your tag teammate. That way you’ll meet four new people not two. Bad math, good rule.



50/50 Rule
Organizations often sponsor tables at events and then fill the seats solely with their own people. Instead, the mix should be half employees and half

clients/ potential clients. Be strategic and invite guests who have something in common or would benefit from meeting each other. That’s being a connector!



A 1 Word Cure 

Many people have networking nerves. Sociologist Martha Beck recommends that when you are anxious remember the word “So.” In a networking situation think, “So, what is the worst thing that would happen to me if I walked into that room and met with rejection? Will the floor open up and swallow me? Will I be struck by lightning?” You see, that one word puts it all into perspective!



2nd Impressions Matter

During a first encounter to learn as much as you can about that person. Shortly after the event, while the conversation is still fresh in your mind, make notes on what you talked about. When you see them next time, you’ll be able to make a very positive impression. “I read that article you mentioned. I’ve shared it with a number of people.” “How’s the basketball season coming for your son?”



3 Networking Qualities 

One of the world’s best networkers was Fidel Ramos, former president of the Philippines. Here are the three things he did when ‘working a room’: He was deliberate, focused, and personal. These are three terrific networking qualities anyone can emulate.



21- Second Introduction
When at a networking event and someone asks you “What do you do?” have a short, interesting answer that spurs another question. This is NOT a sales

pitch. It is a way to brand yourself and your organization. Keep it brief. Make it relatable, not just a bunch of jargon.



 6 Degrees of Separation
An easy way to find out more about a person you’ve just met is to ask colleagues or friends if they know that person. There’s a good chance someone

will, thank to ‘six degrees of separation’. Actually, research shows it’s closer to three degrees!



When 2 Becomes 56
At a typical networking event with tables of eight, introduce yourself to everyone at your table before the meal. Wal around the table, shake hands,
exchange business cards and chat with everyone. This will cause a chain reaction as others will do the same. Fifty-six cards will be exchanged instead

of two or three.


Courtesy of 88 Positive Networking Tips Shepa Learning Company

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