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Treating Others at Events

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Posted on Monday, June 27, 2022
By: Hailey Heimbach
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Treating Others at Events


Treat All Your Contacts Like Gold
Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. We can all remember being snubbed or being someone’s space filler. Be memorable for the right reasons.


Always Rescue Wallflowers
We’ve all had the experience of being a wallflower and we know how uncomfortable it feels. When you see someone standing alone, go over and introduce yourself. After you have chatted for a few minutes maybe you will both go and meet some new people together. It’s easier with a friend.


Ask Permission
If you want to follow up with someone you’ve just met, ask permission. “Would it be all right if I called you about…?” Be specific and give them a time frame. “Can I get 15 minutes of your time to discuss…?” Busy people appreciate this.


Be Culturally Aware
There are plenty of websites that provide information on how to network in other cultures. However, the best is to ask someone who regularly does business in that country for their tips. They may even make some introductions for you.


How to Exit a Conversation
This is one of the biggest challenges people have when networking. It may require a bit of tough love. Excuse yourself and say, “I enjoyed talking with you.” Or “It was great meeting you.” If you have been focused on the conversation – In other words, not looking around the room for someone more important to talk to – this technique works.


Don’t Make Assumptions
When meeting a couple, make sure that you give your business card to both people and ask each of them for a card in return. Not doing this may give the impression that one of them isn’t worthy of your attention or interest.


Treat Everyone as Equals, Including Yourself
When you are looking for a seat at a luncheon and see someone whom you’d like to meet, go over, and ask if the seat next to them is taken. The only time you shouldn’t do this is if the table is reserved, or if that person is surrounded by very large bodyguards.


Mind the Back
There are times when you are attending a sit-down networking event and you need to move your chair, so you don’t have to crane your neck to see the speaker. Before you turn your back on the person sitting next to you, say, “Please excuse my back but I will need to turn my chain so I can see the speaker.” Your courtesy will be noticed and appreciated.

Courtesy of 88 Positive Networking Tips Shepa Learning Company

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