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Practice For Your Next Job Interview With This Cool New Tool

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Posted on Monday, June 12, 2023
By: Hailey Heimbach
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Practice For Your Next Job Interview With This Cool New Tool
The Great Resignation, where millions of Americans left their jobs over the course of 2021, created a huge flux in the job market. During the Covid-19 lockdowns and subsequent back-to-the-office shifts in working conditions, many workers realized the grass could be greener on the other side of the fence – and quickly jumped over it.

If you're one of the millions who left an unfulfilling job, you're likely sending out resumes and interviewing for something better. And, if you're someone who understands that successful job hunting means preparation, then you've probably boned up on your interview skills.

But now, you don't have to draft family members or friends to play the role of the hiring manager in your interview practice. Instead, practice for your next job interview with this cool new tool from Google.

Google Interview Warm-Up: AI Preparation For Interview Success
Google Interview Warmup is an artificial intelligence-operated tool that helps people prepare for a job interview. Earlier this year, Google launched a Grow with Google series of Career Certification initiatives. Interview Warmup is one of the programs.

Warmup asks users common interview questions and those specific to the job description the user selected. These questions and answers are curated by experts in several fields (Interview Warmup has just a few currently available). Users respond in real-time, and Warmup transcribes their answers for later review. Users can respond either through keyboard typing or voice-to-text.

Here's a tip: while you may feel more comfortable expressing your thoughts by typing, it's better to practice with voice-to-text. This gives you more practice verbally answering the questions as you would in a real interview.

Once the interview is complete, Warmup analyses the answers and then offers specific suggestions for improvement.

Is Interview Warmup Right For You?
This program was initially offered to Google Career Certificate enrollees to help with their job search but is now available for anyone to use. It offers field-focused questions for:

  • Information Analytics
  • E-Commerce
  • IT Help
  • Undertaking Administration
  • UX Design
  • Basic
The program consists of three types of questions:

  • Your background, covering your experience and past training
  • Situational experience, detailing how you handled common industry obstacles in the past or how you would deal with on-the-job problems in the future
  • Technical knowledge, covering your "hard skills," certification, and education. Questions deal with hypothetical problems and how you'd handle them

Insights From Google Interview Warmup
Warmup uses machine learning to analyze users' responses and provide individualized insight. The review consists of a personal review of answers, plus patterns in each user's answers, using a proprietary Google algorithm. This includes:

  • Use of job-related terms, highlighting words in your answers that relate to your specific field
  • Your most-used phrases (phrases used three or more times), with suggestions for alternative phrasing
  • Personalized talking points, created through Google AI, which highlight important points in your replies, including experience, your skills, and lessons learned from experiences on the job
The insight from the analysis allows users to discover patterns they're unaware of, such as repetitive phrasing. It also notes how industry-specific your vocabulary is, which may help you use more or less jargon when answering interview questions. Users aren't given a right or wrong answer for their questions but rather objective points for users to reflect on.

How You Can Use Google Interview Warmup
This feature is currently only available in the U.S., and doesn't have industry-specific questions for all fields. However, Warmup has plenty of general questions applicable to many industries and can still be a valuable preparation tool for your interviews.

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