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Making a Good First Impression

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Posted on Monday, April 11, 2022
By: Hailey Heimbach
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Making a Good First Impression


Smile Power 


Connecting with others is easier with a smile. If you smile at someone they are hardwired to smile back. A smile opens the door to friendly communication. It’s your best networking asset. Never leave home without it.



Eye Contact Creates Rapport


Eye contact is key to making a good first impression, yet many people have a hard time doing this. A simple tip is to look at the person long enough to know the color of their eyes. There’s another benefit to maintaining good eye contact, it keeps you focused. You absorb the conversation better and stay engaged. 



Fire Start a Conversation


If small talk feels awkward start by asking simple questions. “Have you been to these events before?” “What did you think of the speaker?” “Tell me a little about your company?” “The goal is to go beyond these simple questions and build rapport. You want to find a person’s passion. People love to talk about what they care about. 



Open the Circle


If you are standing with a group of people and someone is hovering outside your circle, be the first person to invite them into the
group. Don’t make them do the 28-second hover- the maximum hover time most people can bear.



Look Before you Leap


When entering a room full of strangers, don’t panic and leap into the middle of the room. Instead, stand near the entrance and take a deep breath. Let the room come into focus and look for your best connecting opportunities.


Exit with Grace


When you are ready to leave an event, take the time to thank the host. In some cases, it may be your best opportunity to connect with that person. It’s the same when sitting at a table at a networking luncheon. Instead of just getting up and making a beeline out of the room, personally say goodbye to every person at your table. Small social graces make an impact. 


Courtesy of 88 Positive Networking Tips Shepa Learning Company



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