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Leadership TriCounty- October

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Posted on Monday, April 25, 2022
By: Hailey Heimbach
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 Leadership TriCounty October Session

Following the class team building exercise at Althouse Arboretum, the Leadership Tricounty class met in the classroom on October 15th, 2021. The morning included headshots and a class photo. From there, the class focused on relationship building strategies and team communications leveraging the DISC Method. The DISC Method was developed by John Maxwell, who found that there are four different leadership styles (dominant/driver, influencing/inspiring, steady/stable, and correct/compliant), and based on responses to a questionnaire, leaders' styles can be measured in terms of public self, private self, and perceived self. By the time the class met, all had completed the questionnaire, and some had debriefed with Ms. Armato to better understand their personal results. The morning session focused not only on class members better understanding their own leadership style, but also on how to most productively work with other leaders with different leadership styles.


After the morning session, the class went to tour Pottstown High School's Career and Technical Education Center, where the program's director, David Livengood, toured the group through the various programs: automotive technology, construction technology, cosmetology, culinary arts, early childhood education, engineering, entrepreneurship, healthcare technology, management information system, and marketing. Mr. Livingood spoke to the class about how he has written grants to update the various programs and how the program not only prepares participants to earn a living after high school, but also how the programs support and are supported by the community. 


At the end of the visit to PHS, the class listened as board member (and long-time administrator) John Armato spoke about his journey in leadership. Most poignantly, he encouraged the class to "get your name on the board" to leverage relationships to achieve the most effective results. The class also listened to high school principal Danielle McCoy as she spoke about her own journey in leadership and how she interacts with students and teachers to be an effective school leader. 


Written by: Jon Veser, Leadership TriCounty Class of 2022 

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