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Job-Seekers: Don't Overlook That Opening At Your Current Company

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Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2023
By: Hailey Heimbach
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Job-Seekers: Don't Overlook That Opening At Your Current Company

The Great Resignation of 2021, when nearly half of U.S. workers left their job, continues. Many left their companies looking for greener pastures, including better benefits, more flexible work schedules, higher pay, and sometimes a lucrative signing bonus. But what happened to the employees who stuck with their company? Recruitment agencies still report record numbers of applicants seeking their services, and 54% of those clients state they haven't looked internally for a new position.

But, is finding a new job with a different employer right for you? You may be overlooking career growth potential and opportunities right in your own backyard.

Why Aren't Job Seekers Looking For Internal Positions?
Some companies may not have a clear path to promotion or lateral moves to round out your skillset. An insight from career outplacement provider Randstad RiseSmart's 2021 Career Mobility Report reveals that 43% of employed workers don't have many opportunities for internal mobility. Another reason people aren't seeking an internal promotion is that they look outside their company when they're ready to move up.

Often, when employees are frustrated with their job or company, the first thought is to look elsewere instead of resolving the frustration in-house. But, depending on your industry and career path, you may be losing out on valuable training and experience if you jump ship when things get tough.

What do Career Experts Have to Say About Internal Job Applications?
One of the first things recruiters and career mentors note is that you should ask yourself if you want to do a career pivot. Is there truly no mobility in your company? Make a list of why you want to move to a different company and what you want from your new job. Are you unhappy with the company or just feeling stagnant in your current position?

If the company culture is a bad fit, you'll probably thrive in a company with a culture more aligned with your values. Or, if the opportunity you want doesn't exist at your current workplace, then yes, you should move on to the next step on your career journey.

If you like your employer and there are opportunities for growth in your current company, then it may be worth looking into those before sending out resumes. Sometimes, a lateral move to a different department, such as from sales to operations, can give you a greater understanding of your industry. You'll gain valuable experience in another key department and may have the opportunity to network with more people who can help you grow.

Do Companies Prefer Internal Job Candidates?
If you seek an internal move or promotion, you may have an advantage over outside applicants, assuming you've been a solid employee. Companies may prefer a known quantity, someone they know can work within the company culture, understands the goals and expectations, and demonstrates loyalty by seeking more opportunities in the company. Even if you aren't hired for the internal job posting, don't give up. Take that opportunity to ask your manager or HR if there are any training courses you can take to help you be a better candidate for consideration for the next internal job opening. You can use your time in your current job to develop new skills.

Bottom Line
When you feel like it's time to move on, or you want a better opportunity for professional growth, don't overlook job opportunities at your current company. You may be surprised at opportunities that you didn't realize existed.

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