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Improve Productivity by Dumping These Work-From-Home Habits

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Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2023
By: Hailey Heimbach
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Improve Productivity by Dumping These Work-From-Home Habits

Maybe you have to head back into the office after months of working from home — and you're not sure you even know what to wear anymore. You might be transitioning to a hybrid model, or perhaps you're even continuing to work from home, but there's added pressure because many of your workmates are headed back into the office without you.

During our work-from-home months, we all gained some new habits. Some of them were in fact good habits. We had to become more proactive, and we all got a little more familiar with the tech we use every day. Some of our new habits were downright enjoyable. (Can we all say a cheer for not having to wear high heels or a tie every day?)

But let's be honest. Some of the habits we picked up were not the healthiest or the most productive. Take a look at this set of work-from-home habits that may be hindering your productivity and keeping you in an unhealthy state of mind.

Staying Sedentary
Going to the office was never like a day at the gym, but at least you moved around the office, walked to lunch, and walked to your car or public transportation. Working from home destroyed that tiny bit of mobility completely. Many remote workers never left their home, and most didn't walk any further than the kitchen or bathroom.

This lack of mobility harms productivity as employees become sluggish and start to experience pain in their back and shoulders. To combat it, switch to a sit-stand desk if possible. When you're on the phone, pop in your Bluetooth earbuds and pace while talking. Set an alarm to remind you to walk around or do some stretches.

You may have rejoiced in your ability to secretly surf the internet while attending a Zoom meeting, but in reality, that's a recipe for distraction. When you work from home, distraction comes with the territory. Your kids, your pets, your refrigerator all call for your attention even during work hours, and you jump from one task to another, depleting your energy and your productivity simultaneously.

If you're heading back into the office, removal from all those distractions will help you focus. If you're continuing to work from home, it's time to set some boundaries so you can focus on your more intensive work without distractions.

Working From Bed
You wake up and check your email from bed... and then you answer some email, and you maybe take a phone call or two, and the next thing you know it, it's 11:00 a.m. and you haven't set your feet on the floor yet. Sound familiar? If so, you're probably suffering from the poor productivity that comes from being so comfortable that napping becomes a higher priority than work — not to mention not having the tools you need to actually get your work done.

On the flip side, working from bed is also very harmful to your sleep. You end up training your brain that bed is for work — so when it's time to go to sleep, your brain, having learned its lesson, keeps working. Beat this bad habit by forcing yourself out of bed before you pick up your phone.

Other work-from home habits that you may need to dump include difficulty disconnecting from work when the day is through, snacking constantly and letting your workspace get disorganized or messy. The good news is that you pivoted once, and now you can pivot again, getting rid of these unproductive habits as you return to the workplace.

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