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Definition of reach:
1a: to stretch out: extend
b : thrust
2a : to touch or grasp by extending a part of the body (such as a hand) or an object; couldn't reach the apple 
b : to pick up and draw toward one : take
c(1) : to extend to the shadow reached the wall
(2) : to get up to or as far as : come to; your letter reached me yesterday; his voice reached the last rows; they hoped to reach an agreement 
d(1) : encompass
(2) : to make an impression on
(3) : to communicate with
3 : to hand over : pass

We reach to take the hand of someone who needs us to help pull them up...
We reach out and share our time, talents, and gifts with others...
We reach for our goals, our next success - we want to REACH that point that we are proud of accomplishing!


Thank you to our 2021 Mission & Vision Partners (MVPs) for their support of REACH!









Interested in how you can sponsor REACH? Contact Eileen Dautrich to 'reach' your target audience!

Special Thanks to our REACH Committee:

We want to recognize and thank the following list of women that VOLUNTEERED their time over the last 6 months
to develop a full year of REACH programming:
Jenna Armato, Attract Engage Inspire, LLC
April Barkasi, CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC
Twila Fisher, Hobart's Run
Carina Hatfield, Weigner Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.
Lisa Kania, L&J Cleaning Service, Inc.
Misty Laboy, Beauty Inside Out
Diane Lauer, YWCA Tri-County Area
Peggy Lee-Clark, Pottstown Area Industrial Development, Inc.
Lisa Lightcap, Tompkins VIST Bank
Maureen Mason, KeyBank
Paula Mayewski, TriCounty Active Adult Center
Wendy Moyer-Drabick, Moyer-Drabick & Associates, Ltd.
Elaine Schaefer, Schuylkill River Greenways National Heritage Area
Marie Shires, Seedcopa
Gina Spease, Once Upon a Time Consignment Boutique
Leslie Unger, The Victory Bank


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TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce

152 East High Street
Pottstown, PA 19464

Phone: 610.326.2900