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Automotive Industry in Boyertown
  • Tung Sol arrived in Boyertown in 1945. The company was making fuses for WWII but the war ended. They were so happy with the warm welcome they received when moving to Boyertown, they decided to maintain the plant they had and use it for the company’s headlamp production operation. This operation made Boyertown the Headlamp Capital of America.
  • In December of 1965 the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles opened its doors. The Museum is a showcase of the impact that Berks County and Southeast PA have made on the transportation industry.
  • During Boyertown’s Centennial Celebration in 1966, the first Duryea Day was held. The event is an antique and classic car show named after the Berks County automaker Charles E. Duryea.
  • Today the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles and the Duryea Day event are tourist attractions that continue to bring people to the Boyertown area.
Boyertown Auto Works
  • December 1872, Jeremiah Sweinhart announced he had started a business making carriages, buggies, and sleighs.
  • Between 1906 and 1910, Sweinhart electrified the carriage works. The factory was operating with electric lighting and two electric motors to power the lines operating the machinery.
  • The Carriage Works became the Boyertown Auto Body Works in 1926 and became one of the first and largest builders of delivery truck bodies in the world. In 1942 the Auto Body Works modified a Ford sedan delivery car, cutting it in half, expanding it, and rebuilding it to create the first ambulance for Lions Community Ambulance Service in Boyertown.
  • The Body Works closed its doors in 1990.
Pottstown Car Companies
Car-oriented industries thrived in Pottstown as well. A few of the various
companies that once called Pottstown home range from automobiles to
automobile parts.
  • In the late 1880’s the Light Cycle Company was established in Pottstown by William I. Grubb to meet the demand for bicycles. The company built “horseless carriages” in the first years of the century. The LightManufacturing and Foundry Company eventually moved into the production of automobile gears and airplane parts. Eventually, they took over the plant of the Chadwick Engineering Company.
  • Chadwick Engineering Company – the Chadwick automobile was an early American car built in Pottstown shortly after the turn of the century and the company, which was originally famous for racing cars, made a closed body style car that sold for $6500.
  • Mr. George C. Lee founded United States Axle in Pottstown in 1919. Mr. Lee was a friend of Charles E. Duryea who came to Pottstown in 1919 to form the Direct Drive Motor Company – producer of the Champion automobile until 1927.
  • For a number of years the United States Axle Company produced front and rear axles, and were the first in America to build front-wheel brake axles. Today, the company produces precision axles, shafts, and cylinders for industrial original equipment manufacturers.
  • In 1902 Clarence Winfred Spicer made his dream come true: he found a more efficient way to transfer automotive power to the wheels that moved a car, and the Spicer Universal Joint was born. The Spicer Manufacturing Company originally located in Pottstown in 1919. Production started in February of 1920. In 1939 Charles A. Dana became interested in the company and in 1946 the organization’s name was changed to the Dana Corporation. The plant is still located on the site of what was originally the Old Chadwick Engineering Company.
  • 1923 saw the arrival of Neapco Products, Inc. Originally, the company D.K. Bullens Co., was manufacturing and working on heat treatment of permanent magnets for the radio industry. In 1928 the company purchased the New England Auto Products Corporation and that company’s production equipment was moved to Pottstown. After this merger the company began to manufacture automotive universal joints and parts.
  • In addition to the multiple companies that were involved in the automotive industry in the Pottstown community, the wide streets of Downtown Pottstown made the area a destination for weekend “cruising.”
  • Several businesses, supporting the auto industry in various ways, call Pottstown home.



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